The following is a list of volunteer opportunities around the church, community and Birmingham area.  Our prayer is that you are able to connect with one of these and allow this group to be part of your transformation process.  We would love to hear about your experiences and if you would like to add to the list, contact Rev. Monica Harbarger at

Opportunities for Service

Pleasant Hill Food Bank
Contact Judy Filebaum at (205) 424-5349 for more information.
Foundry Men's Program
Contact Jessica Miller, Volunteer Coordinator, at for more information.
Foundry Women's Program
This mission focuses on mentoring and supporting women in recovery. Contact Beverly McClendon at (205) 978-1044 for more information.
Meals on Wheels
This mission delivers hot meals to the homebound.  Contact Dale Gilmore at (205) 938-7772 for more information.
United Methodist Urban Ministries
This mission offers several opportunities to serve.  The community kitchen serves meals Monday through Thursday.  The children's program has a need for tutors and mentors, and the Joe Rush Center holds a summer mission camp for youth.  Visit the website at Contact Deb Welsh, Volunteer Coordinator, at (205) 781-0571 or for more information.
Church of the Reconciler Homeless Day Program
Open Tuesdays-Fridays, this mission ministers to the homeless through teaching, tutoring and the clothes closet.  Contact Rachel Martin, Associate Pastor, at (205) 324-6402 for more information.
New United Methodist Church (West End) Youth Program
On Fridays, this mission ministers to teens in the West End area through tutoring and mentoring. Contact R. G. Lyons, Pastor, at for more information.
Birmingham AIDS Outreach
Minister with those suffering with HIV/AIDS through office work, food bank, and the clothes closet. Visit or call (205) 322-4197, ext. 22 for more information.
First Women's and Children's Light Shelter
Serve by night-time shelter staffing, meal preparation, or meal serving.  Visit or call (205) 323-4277 for more information.
Old Firehouse Men's Shelter
Serve by night-time shelter staffing, meal preparation, or meal serving.  Visit or call (205) 252-9571 for more information.
Magic City Harvest
Serve in food distribution to area programs assisting the needy.  Contact Paulette Van Matre at (205) 591-3663 or for more information.
McCoy Older Adult Day Care
Serve in this daytime caring ministry for older adults.  Contact Betty Lee, Director, at (205) 251-2178 for more information.
Society of St. Andrew
This mission specializes in crop salvage and food distribution in support of local soup kitchens and agencies.  Contact Susan Proctor at (205) 838-1927 or for more information.
Green Springs Ministry Center
Teach English as a second language (training provided).  Call (205) 326-1211 for more information.
United Methodist Children's Homes
Minister to children in need in our United Methodist group homes.  Contact Rev. Lonna Lynn Higgs, Chaplain, at for more information.
House of Restoration United Methodist Mission
Minister to the needy in the West End area (located at former Walker Memorial UMC).  Contact Al Lewis, Pastor, at (205) 326-0970 for more information.
Bethany Home
Minister to women in difficult circumstances.  Call (205) 930-0144 for more information.
Kairos Prison Ministry
On weekends, this ministry bakes cookies for Kairos.  Visit for more information.

Our Food Bank Ministry

We have started a new ministry in the community to serve and assist with those struggling financially to support themselves or their family.  We are beginning a community food bank May 12th from 10am until noon and would like you to keep us in mind when faced with situations of need. This food bank will run two days a month in the beginning with room to extend based on need.  As of right now, we are planning to be open the second Tuesday and fourth Saturday of every month.  We are looking to serve families based on appointment and referral from other organizations in town.  Families will be given a box of food containing $70 worth of groceries as well as vouchers to purchase bread, milk, produce and meat from local grocers.  Our vision is for this to serve the individual as a whole with our intention being relationship.  Through this ministry, we hope to get to know those who are struggling and learn about their most pressing needs.  These needs may be medical, social, spiritual, emotional or financial in nature.

Initially we are asking our church family to help in the stocking of this project.  If your Sunday School class could focus on collecting the items listed in this document, it would be a blessing for this ministry. These items need to be brought the Sunday prior to date of disbursement (first drop off would be May 10th).

If you know of a family that would benefit from this service, or would like to learn more about our goals and visions, please contact Monica Harbarger at (205) 428-4056 or  You can also contact Judy Fillebaum at (205) 424-5349 or

Adult Mission Group

The adult mission group would like to thank everyone for the donations we have already received.  We have revised our donation needs list and ask that everyone take the time to read the following needs and see if you are able to help us in anyway. We would also like to invite anyone who is interested to join our group and become the hands and feet of Christ for our community.  If you are interested or have any questions please contact Jeanie Simmons at (205) 354-3223 or

We are in need of new or used solid light-colored pillow cases, children's bibles, pocket bibles, healthy snacks, toilet paper, new or used blankets, wet wipes, small and large notepads, deodorant, small packets of Kleenexes, razors, puzzle books, shampoo, soap bars, and shoe boxes.