Connect in a whole new way.

Do you ever feel that you are doing life alone?  Are you participating in groups because you feel obligated, not because you want to?  Do you ever think that there must be people out there who like doing some of the same things you do?

Why don't you connect with us in a whole new way?  Our Connect Groups are groups of people who are coming together out of their love of God, their interest in an activity and their choice to share life.  There are groups that become what you make of them.

Active Connect Groups

The following is a list of our active Connect Groups.  If any of these interest you, click the plus for the group contact information.  If you have an idea for a new group, contact Rev. Monica Harbarger at

Connecting Through Crafting
Ultimate Frisbee
Sew Much Love
Dinners for Eight
Young Adult Fellowship and Study
Bob Moore Band
Pages Book Club